CME Group

Once known as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, CME Group’s technology and financial risk-management products today provide the backbone of electronic derivatives markets worldwide, making the company an essential part of the global economy. To reach and influence customers, employees and policymakers about its role in the world, VSA has helped CME Group redefine its highest-order purpose as providing the “confidence to act” that enables business leaders, market participants and institutions to drive economic progress.

As agency of record, VSA engages directly with the company’s communications and marketing teams, and C-level leadership, to fully align business strategy with brand strategy and establish a multi-year program of internal communications, sales collateral systems, corporate advertising, events, thought-leadership publishing, websites and films, and partner agency direction.

Brand definition

To support employee engagement and organization change during an $11 billion merger, VSA designed a series of rebranding communication tools from leadership to employees.

Global Financial Leadership Conference

VSA developed this exclusive, high-touch annual conference, which provides a world-class stage for attendees including Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Tony Blair and Sir Richard Branson. In addition to the entire conference experience, VSA created a proprietary app for the event, which enabled participants to engage in speaker discussions in real time and plan their activities.

National Television Spot

Featuring business magnate Richard Branson and LPGA player Brittany Lincicome, this 30-second television commercial showcases CME Group’s global reach in markets around the world.

Corporate Advertising [Advance Campaign]

CME Group’s television campaign underscores the confidence to move forward and CME’s role in helping the world advance. Visit

Open Markets blog

This financial blog was created to centralize and broadcast CME’s public voice, with news, commentary and content that fuels dialogue with more than 750,000 Twitter followers. Visit Open Markets.

Education Campaign

Over the past several years, CME Group has focused on general education of not only what the exchange makes possible, but also how of how the derivatives industry impacts everyday life. In 2014, VSA launched a new public education website for CME Group to tell the stories, through interactive and video-based formats, of the futures industry.