The possibilities of moving fast and thinking smarter.

In extraordinary times, there are extraordinary challenges. And the challenges we’re witnessing every day for brands and businesses are more complex, unprecedented, and often, complete unknowns.

By some accounts, we’ve experienced 10 years of change in the span of a mere several months. Indeed, the pace of change feels as though it is accelerating, and the need to make bold moves to capitalize on that change —and to do so quickly— is a greater imperative now than it has ever been.

Our client conversations have revealed a recognition of this reality, while also highlighting a challenge with being able to act quickly upon some of their biggest business-driving initiatives.

Where do you face the greatest strategic ambiguity?

Brand repositioning
Customer Opportunity

Source: VSA Strategy Decision-Maker Survey; June, 2020; n=150

This feeling of being stuck frequently boils down to a common set of concerns:

  1. How do I find the inspiration so that I can start moving?
  2. How do I build the proof-points to sell this plan to internal stakeholders?
  3. How do I gather internal momentum behind my idea?

Our approach

Project Possible

A one-month innovation sprint to inject momentum, build tangible outcomes, and provide a clear path forward.

Project Possible is a three-phase process designed to quickly help you envision and realize a future state:


Frame the Future

Realize tomorrow while understanding the gap between the current and future state.

What we’ll do

  • Audit existing materials
  • Host kickoff meeting with key stakeholders
  • Understand current state
  • Frame the problem and future state

What you’ll get

  • Future state and opportunity identification
  • Positioning hypothesis


Find the Opportunity

Identify the opportunity through data-driven analysis of needs.

What we’ll do

  • Field the research through VSA’s Promise to Performance™ framework and begin to analyze opportunity spaces
  • Push and debate ideas and explore conceptual territories
  • Share study results

What you’ll get

  • Report out that identifies:
    • Emerging needs of potential customer segments
    • New, developing table stakes of a category
    • Potential design targets that can deliver future value
  • Competitive white space


Forsee what’s Possible

Illustrate potential customer experience paths forward through creative concepts.

What we’ll do

  • Refine concepts and territories
  • Prep and finalize all deliverables
  • Hold 2-hour worksession to share the Possible

What you’ll get

  • Executive summary
  • Defined outputs from research
  • Next steps action plan

Our promise

With Project Possible, we apply extraordinary measures for extraordinary times. We don’t just see a problem, we see what’s possible—and how that, in and of itself, can be extraordinary.

Start a conversation today.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about Project Possible. The team at VSA would love to learn more about how we can help your brand.