YWCA Chicago

Until justice just is


The YWCA is famous for its advocacy and support for women. But the organization has also stood on the front lines of eliminating racism for well over a century. As the racial divide in the U.S. deepened and grew more painful following the death of George Floyd, calls to the YWCA poured in from corporations and individuals who were looking for a strong, visible partner to focus their efforts and resources in fighting for the end of racial injustice.

Logo animation for YWCA's "Until Justice Just Is" campaign.


At this crucial moment, we worked hand in hand with the YWCA to reassert that its mission served—and advanced—the modern-day movement of social justice among people of color. The “Until Justice Just Is” platform, launched over the July 4 holiday, went beyond conventional campaign thinking to provide an actionable way for major corporations and individuals make an enduring commitment: They signed a visible pledge to act and joined the YWCA to eliminate institutional racism through their donations, and through the implementation of new policies and procedures within their own organizations and lives.

Our work included

  • Out-of-home
  • Video
  • Social media
  • UX
  • Digital advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Internal communications
  • Merchandise
Instagram story video for YWCA's "Until Justice Just Is" campaign
Strikethrough animation for YWCA Instagram post for "Until Justice Just Is"
Manifesto and sample social media posts for YWCA's "Until Justice Just Is" campaign

(left) The pledge to end racial injustices. (right) Instagram launch grid: Contains posts that showcase the BIPOC artists that contributed their talents to the project as well as educational posts that demonstrate how systemic racism leads to widespread disparities for Black Americans.

Poster designs for YWCA's "Until Justice Just Is" campaign.
Billboard design for YWCA "Until justice just is" campaign.