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What We're All About

VSA is made up of thinkers, designers, disruptors and storytellers. But at our core, we are problem-solvers who believe there’s always a better way. Pair your own calling with VSA’s culture, and you’ve got an unbeatable combination, wherever your career may lead.

VSA Partners' Chicago office suite

Our Beliefs

VSA's purpose is to design for a better human experience. That’s because we were founded on the principle that behind every business problem is a human problem.

And design, with its inherent focus on human needs, is a powerful tool to solve them. At VSA, we bring together the art of design and the science of business strategy to reimagine and elevate each person's experience — in our culture, with our clients, and across the world.

Today, we continue to be motivated by this purpose, guided by our core beliefs:

  • To do our best work, we need to foster an environment where people can bring their whole selves—and be their best selves.
  • There’s always a better, smarter or more creative way. And by leaning into—and learning from—our differences, we can find it.
  • We’re in this together. True partnership, with our clients and each other, is essential to our success.
  • You often need to go deep—below the surface and beyond the brief—to find and solve the real problem at hand.
  • Work should be both personally and professionally rewarding, with great people, interesting, meaningful projects, and room to grow.
VSA Partners' Chicago office suite

What We Offer

Providing for health, well-being and balance

We care about each other, and support people in work and in life, offering:

  • Comprehensive healthcare benefits: Medical/Dental/Vision
  • 401k match
  • Work from anywhere in the US
  • Reasonable working hours
  • Generous PTO
  • Evolving happiness & health policies, including screen-free Fridays, quarterly “Me Days,” and other responsive practices
  • Purpose Day that allows employees to engage in causes that are important to them and give back to their communities
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Prioritizing Diversity and Equity

VSA is committed to creating and fostering a workforce diverse not only in gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability status, veteran status, religion and age, but also in thought process, backgrounds and life experiences. That commitment is driven by both our values system and our business goals. Our client base is diverse, as are their employees, customers, and shareholders. Only a diverse VSA workforce can effectively empathize with and serve their needs.

VSA commits to these actions in our pursuit of a more diverse and equitable workforce:

  • Fostering an environment in which employees feel comfortable having complex and perhaps uncomfortable conversations about diversity and inclusion.
  • In selection and promotion decisions, cast a wider net for every open role and require a diverse selection committee.
  • Commit both time and resources that helps our employees understand and overcome their unconscious biases.
  • Provide access to and opportunities for participating in programs that can broaden our appreciation of one another’s backgrounds, world views and strength.
  • At VSA, we understand that we are accountable to one another for creating an environment in which all individuals can achieve their highest and best purpose.
VSA Partners' Chicago office suite

Recruit from Everywhere & Work from Anywhere

For VSA employees as well as those we recruit, we’ve adopted a long-term hybrid model that allows people to define their way of working in the way they want. This means that VSAers can work from anywhere in the United States—home, office or any place in between.

Working from anywhere gives VSAers the option to find time to work alone, join others for office-based collaboration, or meet up as needed for small-group moments and client meetings.

We’re also hiring with geographic “neutrality”—pursuing the best talent wherever it may live.

We think having a workplace option matters most these days: Employees benefit from human interaction and the need for a change in scenery from time to time. And also, VSA benefits from a diversity of experiences and perspectives that come from seeing and participating in the larger world. All of which is why we see our offices in Chicago, New York and San Francisco as a flexible, accessible network of workspace hubs for employees to use as needed for work and interaction with colleagues.