August 22, 2022

Ariadna Navarro Guest Speaker on Crypto Current Podcast

What is the ethical mandate for crytpocurrency companies today?

VSA’s Chief Strategy Officer Ariadna Navarro was recently featured on the Crypto Current podcast as a guest speaker. Ari and Crypto Current’s host Richard Carthon dove deep into how to create breakthrough Web3 brands—particularly in cryptocurrency. Topics include Ari’s cryptocurrency “Alice in Wonderland” origin story, the markers of fanatic communities, ethical mandates for cryptocurrency and trading companies operating today, and how to grow audiences through human-centered design.

Check out the video below, or click here to listen.

VSA Chief Strategy Officer Ariadna Navarro and Crypto Current's host Richard Carthon discuss how cryptocurrency companies can fulfill their mission of democratized, decentralized finance through ethical branding considerations.

Ariadna Navarro

Ariadna Navarro

Chief Strategy Officer

Ariadna helps clients identify growth potential by identifying the intersection between brand and business strategy, human needs and customer experience. She oversees a team of 18 strategists at VSA, and uses analytics, experience design, innovation and brand and business strategy to find unique opportunities for clients from IBM to AT&T. Ariadna is relentlessly curious, whether it’s figuring out the future of Quantum computing or deeply understanding how a new acquisition fits within a company’s portfolio. While solving problems is what drives her, she is particularly passionate about portfolio strategy, brand strategy and unearthing powerful human insights. Ariadna joined VSA after heading up strategy at Interbrand. She is originally from Venezuela, but has called New York home for a very long time.