September 8, 2022

Dana Arnett and Kevin Bethune Interview Ernesto Quinteros

Quinteros is the Chief Design Officer at Johnson & Johnson

VSA CEO Dana Arnett recently joined dreams • design + life CCO Kevin Bethune to interview Johnson & Johnson Chief Design Officer Ernesto Quinteros on the Design Observer podcast “The Design of Business | The Business of Design” (“DBBD”).

In this episode, Dana and Kevin get Ernesto’s perspective on the midcareer decisions designers struggle with, the skill sets companies look for in designers and teams, how to bring the consumer into the design process, and much more.

Ernesto also shares the journey and learnings that brought him into his current role, which is deeply rooted in both his personal history and future legacy:

“I realized I didn’t want to keep designing products that weren’t having a positive impact on people…. Working in healthcare was an opportunity for me to give back. Witnessing my mom’s health issues, having some experience in healthcare, I wanted my children to look at their dad and say, ‘Hey, Dad’s doing something that’s meaningful with design.’”

“The Design of Business | The Business of Design” is a podcast from Design Observer, now in its 10th season. Dana Arnett and Kevin Bethune co-host the show, exploring how design works within complex organizations to shape decisions and processes, drive innovation, evolve products and services, and more.

Click here to listen to the episode and learn more about this Design Observer podcast.

Dana Arnett

Dana Arnett

Chairman & Founder

For nearly four decades, Dana has been a guiding force behind VSA’s creation of brand programs, digital and interactive initiatives, and marketing solutions for its diverse roster of world-class clients. After serving for many years as VSA’s CEO, Dana guides the strategic growth of the agency in his current role as Chairman and Founder. Since founding VSA with Robert Vogele, his career has been steeped in design leadership, policymaking, business and brand consulting, and a long record of public service. He has been recognized internationally by multiple organizations for his contributions to design and design thinking, including the Smithsonian Institute. In 2016, Dana worked with the State Department under the Obama administration to brand and launch Spark, the first-ever government-led global entrepreneurship initiative. Dana is a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale, a recipient of the AIGA Medal, and a former board member of the Architecture & Design Society at the Art Institute of Chicago and Project&. He recently served as National President of the AIGA and currently stars as the co-host of Design Observers’ The Design of Business | The Business of Design podcast.