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March 26, 2024

Tarek El-Mofty Interviewed by AdForum

VSA Associate Partner and Executive Director of Production Tarek El-Mofty was recently interviewed by AdForum. During the interview, Tarek discussed his views on the future of production—particularly, how to create authentic and relevant campaigns and user experiences.

Tarek and author India Fizer cover the importance of listening tools in campaign creation and how they serve as real-time focus groups. They also discuss how VSA approaches cross-cultural campaigns by emphasizing intersectionality during audience research and how that ladders down to different audience needs.

Tarek also shares his thoughts on how augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) can be used to improve user experiences, and how new technologies might deepen the impact of these interactions:

“With the emergence of Apple Vision Pro and the possibilities of 3D cameras and video, we’re about to see a whole new evolution of these mediums. Apple Vision Pro seamlessly integrates AR/VR for a truly blended reality. This technology can create immersive 3D videos with captured depth perception as well as allow for object recognition and tracking. Overall, it will create better virtual environments and even more practical applications.”

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