September 15, 2021

VSA Partners Announce Recruit From Everywhere & Work From Anywhere

For VSA employees as well as those they recruit, the agency is adopting a long-term hybrid model that allows people to define their location and way of working. This means that VSA employees can work from anywhere in the United States—home, office or any place in between. Working from anywhere gives staff the option to find time to work alone, join others for office-based collaboration, or meet up as needed for small-group moments and client meetings. The Agency is also hiring with geographic “neutrality”—pursuing the best talent wherever it may live.

Aaron Heltsmith, VP of Talent Experience, states,"We think having a workplace option matters most these days: Employees benefit from human interaction and the need for a change in scenery from time to time. And VSA benefits from a diversity of experiences and perspectives that come from seeing and participating in the larger world."

In this hybrid strategy, VSA offices in Chicago, New York and San Francisco are transitioning to a flexible, accessible network of workspace hubs for employees to use as needed for work and interaction with colleagues. For more information, visit the VSA Careers page.