Abraham Lincoln and Napoleon Bonaparte share an earbud on a school bus. Other historical figures sit behind them.

September 7, 2022

VSA Partners Wins MUSE Creative Platinum Award

Connections Academy's "Invite Knowledge In" Campaign Received Top Recognition

Very excited to share that VSA Partners was awarded the MUSE Creative Platinum Award for its work on Connections Academy’s Invite Knowledge In campaign.

Connections Academy is a tuition-free online educator. They came to us looking to elevate their brand from the sea of sameness that typifies the marketing in their industry–in so many words, “kids in front of screens.” The goal was straightforward: Increase brand awareness, recall, and favorability.

Connections Academy’s approach to online learning brings an inspiring curriculum directly into the homes of their students and their families. Taught by educators trained specifically in online learning, they really do “bring the lessons to life.”

So for our creative approach, that’s exactly what we did. In a series of films, we encouraged viewers to “invite knowledge in” by showing historical figures (symbolizing Connections Academy’s range of academic subjects) brought to life and dropped directly into the worlds of our students. From Cleopatra and Newton on a school bus, to a centaur in the hallway, to a medieval knight removing his shoes before heading inside, we created a visual landscape that drove home our clients’ point of difference, and stepped completely outside the creative conventions of the industry.

The finished work was unlike anything else in the category, and the clients were thrilled with the elevated and highly differentiated new look this work gave to the brand.

We’re deeply grateful for this recognition from the MUSE Creative Awards, and very proud of the team that created this impactful campaign. Check out the campaign videos below.