Bringing new energy to clean energy


As Invenergy approached its 20th anniversary, the company had evolved from a startup to a premier, global provider of clean energy solutions. Despite Invenergy’s rapid ascent and consistent growth during its first two decades, its brand story and presence felt outdated. With booming demand for clean energy coming from every corner of the globe, the time was right to refresh the brand to better reflect Invenergy’s purpose and stature within the energy sector.

"Projects: 190 projects, 31 gigawatts, 4 continents" on mobile device above rotating globe
Invenergy page with headline "Wind is propelling the clean energy transition.”


Clean energy projects are complex endeavors, and what sets Invenergy apart is its willingness to serve as a guide, mentor and partner. This became a central theme—Invenergy’s commitment to helping its clientele navigate the clean energy space with confidence. With this core brand strategy in place, we revitalized the brand’s digital expression, leading with the transformation of its website. Our content, UX and digital design teams worked closely with Invenergy to tell the story of the company’s global portfolio, values and accomplishments. While the new site reflects Invenergy’s sophistication and expertise, it delivers an inviting and accessible user experience to give a broad audience a better understanding of clean energy technologies and Invenergy’s critical role in powering the future.

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Custom Illustrations




"Explore our portfolio" copy alongside illustrations of clean-energy infrastructure.