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July 6, 2022

Sarah Lent and Curt Schreiber Appear on Workbook Radio

Sarah and Curt discuss the creative origins of NFTs, how VSA Partners is creating opportunities out of this new technology, and how artists (and really anyone) can start taking advantage of this new frontier.

CMO Sarah Lent and CCO Curt Schreiber were recently invited onto the Workbook Radio podcast to discuss how brands and artists can break into the rapidly emerging technology of NFTs.

Workbook Radio host and producer Jacqueline Lopez leads the discussion around the creative origins of NFTs, how VSA approached the space and the incentives for companies and creators to dive into NFT production.

Part one and two of this two-part episode are out now, click here to listen.

Curt Schreiber

Curt Schreiber

Chief Creative Officer

Curt Schreiber is the heart of VSA design. He currently guides VSA’s creative philosophy, and is responsible for establishing the office’s design standards and offerings. Throughout his 30-year tenure with the company, Curt has been essential in the agency’s transition from a boutique design firm to a brand-led customer experience agency. Curt has decades of experience working with internationally-recognized global brands, and his client list includes VSA’s most prominent clientele. He also serves as an influential thought leader within the creative industry. Most recently, Curt was named one of Chicago’s most influential designers and included in AIGA’s This is Chicago. Curt’s work has been recognized by more than 100 international design and communications organizations, publications and competitions including the AIGA, Cannes Lions, Cooper Hewitt, Communication Arts, Graphis and the Society of Typographic Arts. His work is also included in the permanent collection of the U.S. Library of Congress.

Headshot Sarah Lent

Sarah Lent

Former Chief Marketing Officer

Sarah leads growth efforts across VSA, including business development, marketing, public relations, brand leadership, content creation, and strategic partnerships. A seasoned marketing executive with 20 years of experience in branding, digital innovation, design, communications, and media, Sarah fosters growth at VSA by combining the rigor of a strategic consulting practice with the entrepreneurial and creative spirit of design. Her career has been fueled by a deep passion for taking emerging technologies and coupling them with world-class creativity to contextualize them in the real world. She continually looks for the leapfrog moments of change and leads with empathy while taking clients on a journey into the unknown. Sarah has lived and worked across several continents, including Australia, South Africa, and the UK, and her career has included work with Interbrand, R/GA, and Essence.