February 21, 2023

VSA Partners Wins Anthem Award

The Campaign Until Justice Just Is Received a Bronze Award

We are honored to share that the work for “Until Justice Just Is” received a Bronze Award in this year’s Anthem Awards. The Anthem Awards, founded by The Webby Awards, celebrate purpose- and mission-driven work from people, companies and organizations worldwide.

VSA developed “Until Justice Just Is” in collaboration with the YWCA, a group famous for its advocacy and support for women. But the organization has also stood on the front lines of eliminating racism for well over a century, and during the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020, it wanted a way to invite people to join its mission—and empower them to make a real, measurable impact. The site, untiljusticejustis.org, gives individuals and companies a place to publicly pledge their support for antiracist efforts, access tools and resources to use in their own communities, and join the YWCA’s Racial Justice League, where they can share best practices and hold each other accountable for change.

Click here to view the case study.

Congratulations to the current VSAers who contributed to this work: Kim Mickenberg, Avery Gross, Jess Sochol, Susan Pfeifer, Emily Gorski, Bryan Haney, Sam Stalling and Amy Bretz.

And to the rest of the team: Chrystine Witherspoon, Elle Abarca, Evan Thompson, Melanie Trombley, Tré Seals at Vocal Type, Darrell Booker, Daniel Delgado, Ben Strang at Sarofsky and post-production audio house Another Country.