Transaction meets disruption


Reaching merchants unfamiliar with better transaction alternatives.

CardX is a B2B fintech startup serving businesses, government agencies and academic institutions with credit-card technology that helps merchants avoid traditionally expensive credit-card transaction fees. Credit-card processing is one of the biggest practical challenges a small business will face, due to burdensome contracts with legalese, surprising fees and variable processing rates that make operating costs and revenue unpredictable. CardX technology provides an elegant, simple solution for the option of zero-cost credit card processing. We needed to help convey its benefits to merchants unaccustomed to such a frictionless experience.

CardX product illustrations


Give depth and substance to the startup across all experiences.

We refined, designed and expressed the story of CardX as a powerful payments partner across the full customer experience, giving the brand a credible, substantive presence to help it stand out in the industry. We helped sharpen their narrative and developed the brand’s full voice and visual expression system. We identified the mindsets and core motivations of their prospective end users, and helped their sales partners craft messaging to reach them. We designed and developed the front-end framework for their digital product (a web app), as well as CardX digital and print sales-enablement tools. We branded their office space to help land top talent. And we prototyped and built their customers’ experience through information design, interfaces and interactions that underscore the friendly, frictionless nature of the company’s technology.

Our work included

  • Brand strategy
  • Employee experience
  • Campaign activation
  • Sales enablement
  • Brand identity
  • Expression system
  • Illustration and iconography
  • Responsive site
  • Web app
  • UX design
  • Environmental branding
CardX profile reporting screen
CardX customer profile

It continues to be a fantastic experience collaborating with the VSA team. The work has been fun, edifying, and essential to taking CardX to the next level.

Jonathan Razi, Founder and CEO, CardX

CardX desktop profile display