FuelCell Energy

A clean start


FuelCell Energy has been a beacon of optimism, innovation and strength in the energy sector since its founding in 1969. In more recent years, FuelCell Energy underwent an evolution that repositioned the company as a leader in the clean energy industry.

Although the company had significantly shifted its practices and focus, its brand identity had fallen behind in effectively communicating the new core mission.

VSA Partners joined forces with FuelCell Energy to take its renewed corporate purpose—to enable the world to live empowered by clean energy—and translate this into a communicative brand expression system.

The FuelCell Energy logo animates to appear and disappear in a continuous loop.

FuelCell Energy's new logo is full of symbolism. The design is inspired by the bonds between molecules that are broken and formed in the chemical reactions of fuel cells, while the letterforms incorporate F, C, E and L—which together comprise FuelCell Energy’s stock ticker. Finally, the upper-right segment of the logo also completes the “zero,” visualizing the company’s mission of leading the journey toward zero carbon emissions.


VSA Partners helped FuelCell Energy reimagine its entire identity as a provider of safe, secure and practical solutions for achieving carbon-zero output. We delivered a new brand look that includes a logo redesign, typography, the creation of a bright and progressive color palette and a new brand expression system. FuelCell Energy’s new identity is full of symbolism meant to express the creativity and connectedness of the FuelCell Energy brand, and its purpose of empowering the world with clean energy.


A collage image of a FuelCell Energy pamphlet, with pages open to different sections of the brochure. The colors are blue, and purple, with lots of gradients and energetic, optimistic copy.
Two laptop screens display the FuelCell Energy brand guidelines.