Impact Shares

The campaign for WOMN


Build credibility for a new class of socially responsible investment.

Increasingly, investors and financial advisors are reconsidering how they allocate capital, and factoring the social performance of their investments into their decisions, alongside financial performance. It’s not always easy to find investment options that truly accomplish both goals—but a handful of early, socially minded exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are pioneering the concept. Impact Shares is one of them. To create visibility and a new source of revenue for our longstanding client, the YWCA, Impact Shares needed to launch and promote the Women’s Empowerment Exchange Traded Fund (NYSE Arca: WOMN), the first-ever nonprofit, socially responsible ETF.

Times Square takeover for YWCA's "Impact Shares" campaign


Capture the attention and imagination of investors where they live.

We’ve been able to convince the investment world that meaningful returns with meaningful social impact is possible. We began telling this story with the WOMN symbol—visualizing the name as a ticker symbol and associated the iconic “up” arrow with it to indicate positive financial and societal change. We created personal ticker symbols to pair with photographer Art Streiber’s powerful portraits of empowered women, and placed campaign activations in high-traffic financial districts in multiple cities. And we capped off the campaign with a four-page cover wrap of Time’s “Person of the Year” issue. Most important, Impact Shares’ management fees for WOMN are being gifted to the YWCA, providing it a new revenue stream in an increasingly competitive nonprofit environment.

Our work included

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Design system
  • Campaign activation
  • Mobile ads
  • Out-of-home and transit
  • Environmental branding
Time Magazine cover for Impact Shares' WOMN campaign
DISRSPCT/Disrespect subway poster for Impact Shares' WOMN campaign.



media impressions

of traffic to Impact Shares’ site post-launch was for the WOMN fund

STGMA/Stigma subway poster for Impact Shares' WOMN campaign
Subway turnstile covers for Impact Shares' WOMN campaign
Trade ticker for Impact Shares' WOMN campaign.
Subway poster for Impact Shares' WOMN campaign