Pulling in one direction


A corporate brand in need of unified power.

Despite having built a portfolio of leading brands in mission-critical vehicles and equipment, Oshkosh Corporation wasn't getting its due credit as an innovative, integrated global industrial company. Its brand expression no longer fit the company it had become. As the company continued to build a world-class culture and create breakthrough technologies, its brand needed to better reflect its trajectory and aspirations.

Dynamic logo for Oshkosh


A single expression that enables employee focus and strategic selling.

To help Oshkosh grow and fulfill its promise as a unified organization, we drew closer connections between its independent business brands and set a companywide vision for the future—evolving the focus of the Oshkosh brand from the products they make to the lives of the people they serve. This transition to a higher-order purpose meant focusing the brand less on specific vehicles and equipment and more toward industry-agnostic differentiators like culture, innovation and technology. The result was a clearer, more emotive picture of the company’s impact on the world and a more cohesive platform for strategic selling.

Our work included

  • Brand strategy
  • Portfolio strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Strategic narrative
  • Expression system
  • Corporate site
  • Sales enablement
  • Environmental branding
Oshkosh website on mobile display
Oshkosh website on mobile display

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drop in website bounce rate in the first three months

increase in form submissions

increase in "careers" traffic

Oshkosh brand collage of messaging, imagery, and quotes
Oshkosh posters
Oshkosh logo on a hard hat and jacket
Oskhosh brand guidelines